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Creativity is contagious: PASS IT ON

There is something so calming about working with your hands, taking physical materials and building something from scratch. That is what we want to share with you during our workshops! We want you to join us in making something for yourself, by yourself and let you be the designer for the day on June 12th and June 19th.


After a year of talking to the walls and being in lockdown, we are so excited to start our workshops again!

We have created a space where like-minded creative people can come meet our founder Belocine who will be sharing her culture and knowledge of sewing, to give you a brilliant introduction to craft.

We invite you for a wee afternoon of blethering and making at Hatch, in the West End, where you will learn to make your own African print headbands.


Belocine will be walking you through each step, letting you know where to cut and where to pin.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to take the skills you have just learned into your own sewing at home, as this is exactly how our founder Belocine started.

Although you will be lucky as she will be there to help you with extra hints and tips she learned along the way!


Choose between a session of one hour, where you will cover making one headband, or a session of three hours where you will make two.

Also, if you find you can't make it to the face-to- face workshop, hope is not lost!

We also offer an at home DIY headband box, that you can order from us online and take things at your own rhythm by following our YouTube video!


Coming out of a time where we were ''bored in the house'' we think our workshops are the perfect space to not only meet new friends but learn a new skill that could very easily go from a hobby to something more... That is how all the greats start!

Hope to see you soon sunshine's

Order our at home DIY kits

Claire H.

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