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"Life is too short to wear Boring clothes"


Need a custom garment with African Fabric, made with your own body measurements ?

Say no more ! Let us know what you have in mind and we'll transform your idea into an unique outfit for you.

Belocine Musolo is a French and Congolese self taught designer. While studying Biology, she was always interested in Fashion, Designing and Catwalks.

In 2012, she wanted to buy an African dress, which was too expensive for the student that she was. She then decided to buy a sewing machine and do it herself, without even knowing anything about tailoring. 

6 years later, she moved from Paris to Ayr (Scotland) after University. Always walking with her handmade African outfits on, she realised that there weren't many people around wearing these ethnic chic fabrics. 

With Nephtali Couture, Belocine wants to share her double culture through clothing. So you can add a sparkle to your style with an African Touch ! 



Are you the type of person who likes to see a product before purchasing ?


Would you like to try on our clothes to see how gorgeous

you will look in a Nephtali Couture item before buying it ?

It is now possible, as we are collaborating with HATCH ! 

Our clothes will now be retailed in the West End of Glasgow.

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