About me

I am Belocine Musolo, the French and Congolese fashion designer behind Nephtali Couture. Loving fashion, clothing and African print so much, I learned how to sew by myself so I would be able to rock those popping colours in a modern way.

After my studies in Biology, I had a job offer in Scotland and I expatriate to this beautiful country. 

While walking in the streets of Ayr with my ethnic dress,  from wee girls to grandma's, men or little boys, everybody was smiling at me, complimenting me and asking where I got my outfit from.


Then it was a revelation: I would create a brand for Scottish, British and everyone to feel good, stylish and unique in African printed clothes ! 

This is how my story begins :)

About us

Nephtali is a name that means "I fought and I won".

This name was chosen because we believe that in life nothing is given to you. You have to fight, work, make it happen until you win.

Inspired by Belocine's double culture, we take traditional fabric to create modern and fashionable dresses & skirts for woman, and elegant bow ties & pocket square for men.

Nephtali Couture also offers custom made services, to give life to your wishes.

Every product is handmade with love. Our workshop is based in Ayr, Scotland, UK.


Our Engagements

Nephtali Couture supports Children's Hope Goma

Their aim is bring hope to children and teenager

who were witness of war, conflicts or natural disaster in Democratic Republic of the Congo.


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